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Summer Fun: Two Bottle Caps And..A Bottle

It’s hard not to love this quirky array of bottle caps having a fun time by the seaside. Almost makes you want to pop a bottle and have a cold drink yourself! Enjoy this special summer collection by our Contributor Server! It was a swelteringly hot summer morning…  Lil’ Stevie...


10 Steps To Turn Yourself Into A Cartoon Portrait

Creating an online profile or avatar can be daunting and if you are not comfortable representing yourself on the web, why not create a fun caricature instead? This simple tutorial will show you how to cartoonize yourself, feel free to explore! Software: Adobe Illustrator CS3 Difficulty: Intermediate Completion Time: 6 hours Image Used For This […]

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Create A Dramatic Effect On Skin In 8 Steps

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Difficulty: Intermediate Completion Time: 30 min. Today, we’ll learn how to turn a portion of skin into rock/coal in less than 10 steps using adjustment layers, the “Blend If” function and layer mask. This is a very versatile effect that can be used in a number...


The Coolest Pop Icon Car Illustrations

Our list of the coolest pop culture TV and movie icons was so well received, we thought you’d like more! Here’s some cool car illustrations based on TV and movies. Can you guess them all?   Ido Yehimovitz, Tel Aviv-based artist, has made the series Greatest Rides – pt.1 which...


Affiliate Marketing Terms and Abbreviations

Many concepts and terms associated with affiliate marketing can be confusing for those new to the industry. The following glossary explains many affiliate marketing terms and abbreviations. Ad: Online advertisement in the form of text, images, banner, Flash, or video. Above the Fold: Denotes the most valuable portion of webpage...


Photographer uses Stock Images to Help Sick Children

Through his Drawing Hope Project, photographer Shawn Van Daele uses his photography and photo editing skills to help children imagine a world outside their sick bed. Using his photos of the children, mixed with stock photography he purchases online, Van Daele places the children into realistic versions of their own drawings. The images are filled […]


Ftp Accounts from Stock Agencies

To make sending files easier we collected the information how to get the ftp accounts for you. If the info changed please contact us: info at Shutterstock: FTP: username: your login e-mail password: your login password   Fotolia: FTP: username: ID, Go to to learn your...