Shooting Better Stock Photos with Copy Space

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When stock photos are used in advertisements, people use them with added texts and words for advertising. Therefore, it’s very important to consider a space for these words, also known as a Copy Space, when you shoot stock photos.

To make a copy space, you can use a message board or place objects on the left and/or right instead of placing it in the center. You can also use a plain-coloured background or make an actual location in the background blur by shooting with a shallow depth of field.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a message board – you can try using a white notepad, a plain box, or make your models wear a white shirt, etc. You can also work with other items that you are more familiar with to create the copy space.

If you use an object to make a copy space, please make sure that the objects are large enough for users to add in words and texts easily!

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