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The Coolest Pop TV and Movie Culture Icon Illustrations

This post is provided you by GraphicLeftOvers …   DKNG Studios (Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman) has made different illustrations referring with icons to cult pop culture films and TVshows. From Up to Ghostbusters through Back To The Future. “ICON” is also a print series limited to 100 prints per illustrations....


The Coolest Pop Icon Car Illustrations

Our list of the coolest pop culture TV and movie icons was so well received, we thought you’d like more! Here’s some cool car illustrations based on TV and movies. Can you guess them all?   Ido Yehimovitz, Tel Aviv-based artist, has made the series Greatest Rides – pt.1 which...


The Coolest Little BIG Photography Trick

Remember when Tilt-Shift was the  BIG thing, making real photos look like little toys? Well, photographer and model builder, Michael Paul Smith has created a set of photos that are amazing but you won’t see the trick right away. That’s why this is such a great photography trick! Take a look at the top image, […]