What We Do

Projects, Products and Services of the Erste

  • A generic communication platform
  • Supporting all brands
  • Tools for design and implementation
  • Decrease acquisition costs by avoiding import cartels
  • Decrease import costs by legacy system integration over protocols like BacNet, CoaP, etc.
  • Development of smart spaces is done by software and electronics engineers. Using GAMMA tools, architectural designers and civil engineers will also be able to develop smart spaces
  • Usage of sensors, RFID tags, cameras and actuators will spread through lowered cost of smart spaces


Engineering Tools for Advanced Smart Spaces

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GAMMA is one of our key research and development projects on IoT, particularly on smart environments. The aim of GAMMA project is to develop a smart space communication and design platform and tools to ease the design and implementation of smart spaces.

  • 6 Countries including Germany, UK and 25 partners
  • Implementation of IoT and Industry 4.0
  • EUREKA project in ITEA 3 Cluster
  • Replacing centralized control of manufacturing and material handling components by intelligent components based on distributed control software
  • Enhancing control SW of material handling components with context/location awareness,
  • Replacement of HW diversity by SW modularity,
  • Design of an open platform supporting interoperability with third-party control and application software
  • Increasing safety, performance and flexibility based on context/location awareness and secure communication between distributed control modules
  • 3D-based engineering, virtual commissioning and supervision based on common models


OPTimised Industrial IoT and Distributed Control Platform for Manufacturing and Material Handling

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OPTIMUM is one of our key projects. It is a huge R&D project which presumably consists 6 countries and 25 partners worldwide. Within OPTIMUM project, we'll help the consortium to build an IoT platform for implementing Industry 4.0 to the material handling means.

  • Meeting room that decides what should be done e.g.energy saving decisions.
  • Reservations system.

Smart Meeting Room

Smart Meeting Room project is a case study of ours to implement our expertise in smart spaces. Project will lead us to a product that's going to be an off-the-shelf smart meeting room solution for our future customers.